Our Mission

The mission of the Recovery Church is to provide a spiritual community for people in search of Growth, Healing, and Recovery.

Our Logo – The Jack Pine

Our logo features the jackpine cone, the only pine that actually needs fire to begin the process of regeneration.

The heat of the fire melts the pitch holding the seeds together.

The seeds are scattered in all directions and settle in new soil.

The jackpine is one of the first trees to take root and grow after a disastrous fire.

We feel this is an apt symbol for all those in recovery.

The seeds of our own healing take root in the rich soil of hope, forgiveness, acceptance and reconciliation.

Who We Are Today

The Recovery Church (Central Park United Methodist Church) is a Christian community that is open to diverse concepts of spirituality, accepting all who share a non-judgmental belief in the Christian values of trust, compassion, openness and service.

The Recovery Church has a large community that worships at 9:30 AM each week. The service is called “The Recovery of Hope,” in that they offer participants the opportunity to deepen their recovery experience and to develop a stronger relationship with God, as they understand God.

The Recovery Church is neither a typical church nor a twelve-step program, and although we draw from both traditions, we seek to embody the spirit of God without creating boundaries for its expression.