Grab your friends and join us as we welcome celebrated Author and Speaker, Timothy Cameron!  We are pleased to host Timothy and invite you to join us for a evening of fellowship, here at The Recovery Church.  See more information on Timothy below!

11th Step Healer of Broken Hearts, MADD/Restorative Justice Speaker, Christian Mystic, Poet, Prodigal Son Returned Home, and Author of ‘The Little Book of Miracles, Stories from the Incomplete Skeptic’. Change begins with honesty. Timothy poetically measures his stories after the
Intuitive Tradition, ADA, speaking about things which used to baffle him. You’ll find intuitive reasons for refreshment, knowing that Change is Real.
Timothy is in long-term AA recovery since August of 1990 and Al-Anon since May of 1991.  Timothy Cameron’s story reveals how trials by
fire can refine and transform hearts and minds to ‘Turn Lives Around’. Timothy served jail and prison time, totaling 13 ½ years, but rather than wallow in self-pity, resentment or despair over his past, he says “I Am More Than My Mugshot: Where There is Justice, Let There be Restoration & Forgiveness”.